Company Drivers

View the perks available for Company Drivers at Valley Transportation Service, Inc.

Health Insurance with HSA

As a company driver with Valley Transportation you would have access to health insurance through National General. Valley covers 80% of the driver's premium and 50% of any dependents premiums. There is also a company match HSA every year!

401k Retirement Plan

Eligibility for our 401k plan starts after a year of employment. There is a generous company match to the 401k as well as opportunities to add bonus money to the 401k.

Life Insurance

A $50,000 life insurance policy is paid for by Valley for all company employees and there is an option to purchase supplemental life insurance through your benefit package.

Paid Vacation

Valley driver's are eligible for paid vacation after a year of employment.

Guaranteed Home for Christmas

We know family is important, so if you want to be home for Christmas Day, we will get you there.

First In, First Out Dispatch

Seniority does not apply. The first truck to unload and call in is the first truck to load out.

Truck Amenities

Your truck will become your second home, we want it to be comfortable. We have APU's, inverters, and refrigerators built in to every company truck we have!

Passenger Policy/Rider Policy

After 90 days of driving for Valley Transportation, you may be able to purchase a rider policy. Riders must be age 10 or over. The policy is $200 per year and runs from March 15th to March 14th each year.

Driver's Lounge/Bunk House

Valley has a brand new Driver's Lounge for all company drivers to use when they are in the yard. See "The Bunk House" tab for pictures of this fantastic addition to our driver benefit package!

Midwestern Family Feel

We take pride in being from small town Minnesota! We are a small enough company to know you by name, because you are so much more than a truck number to us.

Annual Safety and Performance Bonus

The bonus everyone in the office wants you to get! Based on mileage and revenue. Check out the "Annual Saftety and Performance Bonus" tab for some of the many examples of bonuses our drivers earn.

Training Programs

Valley wants you to succeed in anything you want to do. We have an onsite Driver Trainer who is here to help you with any questions you have. It could be moving from a 10 speed or automatic transmission truck to our 18 speeds, or some additional help with securement. We want you to know you can ask us any question!

On-site Shop

The Valley shop is a great asset to us as a company, and to you as a driver. We also have an on site full service Wash Bay!

Referral Bonus

$1,500 for every driver you bring over to the company, paid upon that driver being dispatched on his/her first load!

* All details subject to change.